Real Ginger

Never any artificial flavours or extracts

Fresh Lemons

A match made in gingery heaven

Cane Sugar

No corn syrup or artificial sweeteners

That's it. Nice and simple.

Dickie's Ginger was borne from a heady mix of idealism and blind ambition.

We set out to create a ginger beer of the highest quality, through which we hope to connect with the people and businesses in our community and contribute back in some small way. We want to return to the tradition of using simple, quality ingredients.

How we're different

▪ We make a new batch of ginger beer, fresh to order, every single week.

▪ Only whole, all natural ingredients. Never any junk like preservatives or stabilizers.

▪ Organic cane sugar is used sparingly to keep it dry and refreshing.

▪ Our ginger is cold pressed juiced which means an exceptionally bright, clean flavour.

▪ Dickie's is unpasteurized to preserve the goodness of the fresh ginger and lemons.

All that is to say... it's pretty damn good ;-)

Made fresh weekly.

Small batch, big dreams.

Dickie's Ginger is proudly made in East Vancouver.

It is the product of endless taste tests, a thousand conversations, a healthy amount of cocktails, and a lot of encouragement. We couldn't do this without the community behind us.

Thank you for all of your support!